Western Ag Supply
A Trusted Name in Livestock Nutrition

Western Ag Supply (WAGS) has been providing superior nutrition services to swine, poultry and dairy producers since 1998. Our company is founded on the strength of our nutrition expertise and over the years our dedicated sales team has continued to optimize the performance and profitability for customers.

Our expertise in swine, poultry and ruminant nutrition is why we are currently the leading animal nutrition consulting provider in Western Canada and Montana. WAGS works with hundreds of customers in the region – providing cost-effective, science-based nutrition programs to swine, poultry and ruminant producers that improve animal performance and maximize profitability.

Our nutrition and sales teams work hand-in-hand with customers to identify the full needs of their operations to achieve success.

WAGS focuses on;

- establishing a relationship based on trust
- determining a baseline of feed cost, barn management, raw material reception protocols, feed manufacturing processes and livestock performance
- identification of goals and timing

Core Services

A partnership with WAGS isn’t limited to the phone or internet. Our experts conduct regular on-site visits to customer operations to ensure we are seeing the whole picture. You can expect the following services from us;
- Feeding programs
- Feed quality monitoring
- Feed cost management
- World-class manufacturing and supply chain

Research Facilities

WAGS has access to the latest in animal nutrition technologies. We are involved in continuous research programs in commercial and demonstration scale swine and poultry barns.

Our Tools

At WAGS we care about your livestock business! We utilize tools that gather information about your operation, consider drivers that contribute to increased revenue and provide solutions that are comprehensive and easy to understand such as;
- Personalized feed rations
- Laboratory support
- On-field practical experience
- Proprietary specialty products to help maximize performance over feed costs

The WAGS Advantage

A partnership with WAGS means you are choosing a progressive company that is on the leading edge of global nutritional development. WAGS excels at providing superior hands-on customer service backed by the knowledge of over 16 global nutritionists. Our team works together to provide access to ingredients, current market trends and key expertise on buying patterns specific to our customers operations.

By partnering with Western Ag Supply you will improve your livestock production through nutritional and barn management applications that will maximize your profitability. Let us review your needs by requesting a consult with one of our nutrition experts today!